About Our Sessions

Our sessions have a maximum of 27 children with 5 practitioners. The session begins with the children placing their belongings on their peg, which displays their name and photograph.
We have a wide range of engaging activities and resources that are available for the children to select and they are able to choose if they want to play indoors or outdoors as soon as they arrive.

Water is available for the children to drink at all times. The children each have their own Acorn which they use as a name recognition tool at snack time. Snack is available in morning and afternoon sessions. We offer a fruit and vegetable selection and milk or water to drink. There are visual clues on display to encourage independence, but we are always on hand if needed!

The outdoor play area is fully enclosed and secured, offering and safe and stimulating place to play and learn. We have strived to offer exactly the same opportunities outdoors as we do indoors, including a book area, play dough table, sand, water, construction, role play, small world, musical instruments and making table.

We tidy up together at the end of the sessions, using music as a prompt, and then we go in to our small group time with their key person. Small group time can be anything from stories, rhyme time, sharing with the group something they may have made, reflection time or a chance for focus children to share their photos from home on the interactive whiteboard or iPads.

Some children stay for lunch club and 2 staff always sit with the children to eat lunch.

Every Wednesday we have an outside agency come in to run a football session. This lasts for 45 minutes and is always very popular.

We also actively encourage parents, carers or family members to come in to Acorns at any time to share their experiences, skills or expertise with the children.

And that’s our day at Acorns!



Our Session Times




Our Session Prices

Fees for unfunded sessions for children under 3:
3 hour session £18
3 hour session with lunch club £21
6 hour session £36
6 hour session with 30 min early drop off £39

Fees for unfunded sessions for children over 3:
3 hour session £15
3 hour session with lunch club £17.50
6 hour session £30
6 hour session with 30 min early drop off £32.50

Lunch club £2.50
Early drop off £2.50 (these are included in the prices above but may be payable if children are using more than their 15 hours entitlement)

How our fees work: